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Course Opening

Greenhills Golf Resort is closed for the season on Wednesday, Sept 30. 

Thank you to all for your great support and understanding as we dealt with Covid restrictions.  See you all in 2021.


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and Provincials restrictions placed on golf courses Greenhills will operate with the following regulations until further notice.

Signage will be posted to caution players about the risks of Covid-19.

:   All players must have a tee time booked, no walk-on players will be permitted

:  Physical distancing must be observed at all times, with a minimum of two meters between individuals.

:  Players exhibiting signs of illness will not be permitted to play.

:  Tee times must be a minimum of 10 minutes apart to avoid congestion on the course.

:  No shotgunstarts are allowed.

:  Flags must remain in place and untouched.  The cup is obstructed to not allow balls to drop in.

:  All rakes, ball washers have been removed from course.  Players must clean all garbage out of their rental cart in garbage cans upon completion of round.

:  Picking up and using used tees is strongly discouraged.  Please pick up your used tee and discard off tee box.

:  Walking is encouraged.

:  Golf carts are sanitized after every round.

  Players not following posted restrictions will be banned for 30 days.


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