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Course Opening

Greenhills will open to the public on May 15, 2020.


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and Provincials restrictions placed on golf courses Greenhills will operate with the following regulations until further notice.

:  Signage will be posted to caution players about the risks of Covid-19.

:  The clubhouse, proshop and common spaces such as the deck are closed to the public.

:   All food and beverage service is suspended, except curbside pick-up.  Call ahead.

:   Proshop sales are restricted to curbside pick-up only.

:   Golf Club and pull cart rental are prohibited.

:  Driving range and practice green are closed at all times.

:   All players must have a tee time booked, no walk-on players will be permitted. 

:  Physical distancing must be observed at all times, with a minimum of two meters between individuals.

:  Players exhibiting signs of illness will not be permitted to play.

:  Payment must be made in advance by telephone or online - cash cannot be accepted.

:  Tee times must be a minimum of 12 minutes apart to avoid congestion on the course.

:  There are no public washroom facilities available at the golf course.

:  No tournaments, men's, ladies nights, or senior mornings are allowed.

:  Beverage cart may not operate.

:  Flags must remain in place and untouched.  The cup is obstructed to not allow balls to drop in.

:  All rakes, ball washers and garbage cans have been removed from course.  Players must keep garbage and dispose in dumpster in parking          lot upon completion of round.

:  Picking up and using used tees is strongly discouraged.  Please pick up your used tee and discard off tee box.

:  Walking is encouraged.

:  Rental carts are limited to one person, unless the occupants reside in the same household.

:  Golf carts are sanitized after every round.

  Players not following posted restrictions will be banned for 30 days.


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